Recovering Lost Fishing Gear & Marine Debris and Educating Through Eco-Tourism.

Photo courtesy of Joel Baziuk -  Elysium Photography

Photo courtesy of Joel Baziuk - Elysium Photography

Emerald Sea Protection Society

ESPS is a non-profit organization that focuses on marine stewardship in the Canadian Pacific Northwest. Founded by a group of divers, sailers and local residents with a passion for the preservation of their marine environment. The ESPS team has first hand experience of both the incredible value of the marine ecosystem and some of the threats it faces in the form of marine debris, specifically abandoned or lost fishing gear and equipment. ESPS is both an advocacy group - pursuing support & implementing preventative programs and educational outreach, as well as implementing survey and recovery work: on the ground (under the sea!) efforts to discover the extent of damage caused by marine waste as well as recovering and cleaning areas from harbours to near shore waters. ESPS is a proud member of the CCC project, dedicated to achieving a cleaner coast for Canada and working along side stakeholders and groups that share our goals.