Frequently Asked Questions


What does it mean to be a Canadian coastal champion?

It means your organization is making a significant contribution to marine stewardship in Canada, you support the idea of having a central website to showcase all the great projects going on with respect to marine stewardship in Canada, and it hopefully means you want your organization to be recognized as a Canadian Coastal Champion!

how do i apply to be A Canadian Coastal champion?

It's easy! Head over to our Contact Page and send us a message outlining your organization's contribution to marine stewardship in Canada and if your goals / impact align with the goals of the movement, we'd be happy to feature your organization as one of our Champions.

Who decides whether or not my organization will be featured as a Canadian coastal champion?

There is a panel of original Champions that collectively and informally vote upon new Champion entries. However, although there is a voting process, the entire purpose of this site is to promote communication, collaboration and recognition of organizations involved in marine stewardship in Canada, so the voting process is more to ensure that the organizations who are applying are legitimate. Contribution size is not as important as intent, so feel free to apply!

Is there a cost to BE recognized as a Canadian Coastal champion?

At this point, there is no cost to be featured as one of our Champions. If a fee structure is ever deemed necessary to help cover the costs of operating and maintaining the website, you will be given plenty of notice and will be given the choice to opt out if you so desire. For clarity, a fee structure would only ever be implemented to cover the cost of running the website and would not be for profit of any kind.

Is there any obligation?

None whatsoever. If you choose to apply to be a Canadian Coastal Champion, you are hopefully doing so because you believe in the cause of promoting marine stewardship in Canada. If, however, you ever decide you wish to be removed as one of our Champions for any reason, you can simply email us any time and we will remove your organization from our site.


Yes! We welcome all suggestions about organizations that are making a difference in marine stewardship in Canada. One of the main purposes of this site is to bring all of these organizations together under one loose banner, so it is in everyone's best interests that as many relevant organizations are featured as possible.

who runs the Canadian coastal Champions website?

The Clean Up Canada's Coasts website was designed and built by Joel Baziuk as a way to recognize and connect organizations involved in marine stewardship in Canada. Joel maintains the website on a volunteer basis and covers all costs associated with operating and maintaining the site.