Canada's marine environments are at risk from a variety of sources. We're taking steps to raise awareness about the dangers to our these environments, connect those who are involved and ensure that everyone who's doing something to protect Canada's coasts is recognized.


Our Mission

Canadian Coastal Champions is a collection of organizations and individuals whose goal or mission is to protect Canada's marine environments (oceans, rivers and lakes) in a multitude of different ways. Some are focused on beach cleanups, ridding our shores of plastics and other marine debris. Some are focused on identifying and removing derelict fishing gear, which continues to catch and kill marine life long after being lost. Others are focused on research, media, education and more.

The goal of this site is to bring together as many of these stakeholders as possible in one place, in hopes of raising awareness of their various contributions and potentially connecting these groups and individuals with other projects or initiatives of which even they may not be aware. It is intended to encourage collaboration, recognition, education and information sharing so that each project's impact can be maximized.

To see a list of our identified Champions, click here!

If you know of an organization that you think should be recognized for their work in marine stewardship, please let us know!

Canadian Coastal Champions is the only site in Canada that aims to bring together so many different stakeholders in one convenient place to connect with one another, cultivate ideas, and collaborate to solve marine related environmental issues nation-wide.
— Joel Baziuk, Canadian Coastal Champions Founder